Dental Implants


Dr. Strong can can help you with modern implant solutions.

A variety of modern dental implant-based tooth replacement solutions are available. 

Dental implants offer you many advantages:

1) Implants have been a successful and trusted tooth replacement method for over 40 years

2) Act like your natural tooth root

3) Are made of biocompatible materials

4) Will normally last a lifetime with proper care and hygiene

5) Maintain natural bone and minimize further bone loss

6) Provide stability and comfort 

Dental implants are a natural looking, long lasting, comfortable and safe alternative to replacing a single tooth, bridgework or unsecured dentures. For people with good oral health, replacing a lost tooth with an implant is an ideal option.

Implants look like your natural teeth, and because of their “root” being secured to your jaw like a real tooth, neither you nor anyone else will know the difference. You don’t have to worry about implants coming loose and embarrassing you; you won’t have to take them out to soak; and you won’t worry about losing them, either.